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    Keeping Customers Safe At The Pump

    February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021 • Sticky Post

Keeping Customers Safe At The Pump

Static-related incidents at gasoline pumps are very rare, but when they do occur, the results can be devastating. In some cases, these incidents cause a brief yet potentially deadly flash fire at the fill point. This makes it imperative for gas station owners to have a robust plan to minimize potential fueling hazards by implementing a safe refueling process.

Basic Gas Station Safety

You are most likely aware of the apparent gas station no-no’s, for example, not striking a match or smoking, ever.

But gas station safety is much more than merely taking care of these things.

Here are some fundamental gas station rules to ensure the safety of your employees and customers alike. Create signage explaining these rules in close proximity to the gas pump to keep your customers safe.

First of all, it is vital to ensure that the vehicles are entirely turned off while refueling a car. Explicitly tell employees and customers not to use lighters, or matches on the premises.

Remind your customers to avoid entering or exit their car in the refueling process, as it can sometimes cause a static electricity charge.

Furthermore, leverage only approved and appropriate containers to store and sell your gasoline. Be sure always to place these containers in a vertical position, and take all the precautions to prevent your customers from mishaps and avoid managing them without supervision.

Also, when you are filling a portable container, make sure to do it when it’s on the ground.

If you place the right signage and educate your employees to identify and intervene, it can help you correct the irresponsible behavior and keep your customers and employees safe.  

Formulate A Strong Security Plan

Let’s delve deeper into ways to track your gas station’s safety and security.

First off, visibility is vital. You need large windows so that your employees can promptly see a potential danger and hopefully deescalate the situation or get to a safe distance in time.

It is also imperative to invest in high-end lighting so that your customers know that it is safe to get the gas during late hours.

Additionally, install security cameras at different parts of your gas station and convex mirrors that give even greater visibility.

Remember that safety at your gas station is also about wiping off any gas spills or residues. Develop a stringent policy to clean up spills.

Furthermore, it is also vital to ensure that customers know where they can enter or exit the gas station. Use reflective tapes, ensure to keep your exits clear from signs or debris, and create an effective traffic flow in and out of the pumps.

Convenience Store Safety

There are additional safety risks to consider within your c-store as well. First of all, ensure that your store’s interior is well-designed to avoid trips, falls, and slips.

This means that the aisles at your store shouldn’t be overly crowded, should be well-lit, and any spills should be wiped off instantly. The safety signage should be prominently displayed here as well. Moreover, put mats at the exits and entrances to your store, avoid stacking boxes very high on shelves, and ensure that your customers don’t reach for items that are higher-up themselves.

If your employees prepare hot food/beverages, train them how to properly prevent burns. You can instruct them on the right sanitation requirements and practices, like using tongs, wearing gloves, washing their hands, and wearing hairnets, if needed.

Wrapping Up

Accidents are inevitable. Sometimes, it is difficult to clean up liquids and spills in time. A customer can be negligent, and damage your equipment, or someone could decide to vandalize your store.

It’s best to prepare for any eventuality to safeguard your locations and customers at all times.