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Konnect Fuel is a premier service provider of Wholesale Fuel, Convenience Store Operations, Gas Station Acquisitions, and Gas Station Equipment Financing

Konnect Fuel was founded in 2019 as a nationwide firm specializing in wholesale fuel, convenience store and truck stop operations, and equipment financing for branded and unbranded locations. With over 100 years of combined experience in the petroleum and gas station industries, our team established Konnect Fuel to provide unique business solutions to truck stops, gas stations, and convenience stores across the United States.

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Our wholesale fuel mission is to provide long-term, profitable relationships with our petroleum partners, offer flexible fuel supply contracts and give gas station owners the ability to offer low fuel prices. As distributors of Phillips 66 and Conoco, Konnect Fuel can provide unique fuel supply contracts that give business owners the opportunity to sell nationally recognized branded fuel, affordable store improvement upgrades, fuel inventory management, and more!

Konnect Fuel Team

Kevin Lapierre
Chief Executive Officer



David Dorwart
Chairman of the Board


Dan Perera



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