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    Konnect Wholesale Fuel

Hands-off Management of Your Fuel Supply

Konnect Fuel helps gas station retailers with the distribution, management and procurement of wholesale fuel supply. Gas station and convenience store owners receive flexible supply contracts with dedicated customer support. These contracts offer lower fuel costs, store branding and affordable store upgrades with superior and dependable brands.

We are proud wholesale distributors for the industry’s leading fuel suppliers, including Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, Sunoco, Shell, Dalek and Alon. These partnerships empower us to offer competitive wholesale fuel pricing to gas station owners and dealers across the U.S., which saves you costs on fuel. You’ll also have the opportunity to brand your gas station under one of our partner suppliers with one of their many store branding packages.

Konnect Fuel combines wholesale fuel distribution with fuel supply agreements and both forecourt and backcourt branding. This allows us to partner with you to compete with larger corporate brands, offering unparalleled service for all your fuel and retail needs.

Our high-tech fuel management software is capable of monitoring tank capability in real-time. Your inventory is managed effectively for sustainable business growth and competitive pricing. We also offer an advanced integration platform that optimizes energy, improves logistics and enhances your overall business operations.

Our Leading Fuel Partners

Phillips 66 has a rich history of fuel distribution stretching back to the 1800s. Their vision is to provide top-notch, affordable energy to the world and improve the lives of their customers as they innovate for the future. They currently operate 2,511 locations in the U.S. and employ over 14,000 people.

Conoco prides itself on inspiring drivers and fueling adventures. Their 1,716 stations can be found spread across the U.S., where they supply competitively priced fuel and food to visitors every day.

76 has been on the driver’s side since 1932. Their TOP TIER® gasoline and iconic spherical logo have made them a mainstay in more than two dozen states, as well as a valuable partner to brands ranging from the Los Angeles Dodgers to Atlanta United FC..

Sunoco brings 130 years of experience to it’s role as one of America’s most respected fuel brands. Thanks to their innovative commitment and dedication to their communities, they’ve grown to operate more than 5,000 gas stations in over 30 states.

Shell supplies a wide range of products – ranging fuel and lubricants to snacks and drinks – from more than 43,000 locations around the world. They’ve been offering quality services at competitive rates for over 120 years.

Delek is a downstream energy company with a focus on petroleum refining, convenience stores and more. In operation since 2001, they’ve positioned themselves as a successful acquisition strategist and logistics firm. One of their acquisitions, the Texas-based Alon, now operates more than 800 locations across the southwestern United States.