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    Competitive Advantages of Branded Fuel

    January 25, 2021

January 25, 2021

Competitive Advantages of Branded Fuel

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As a gas station or c-store owner, there are pros and cons for both branded fuel and unbranded fuel. Today we will explore the competitive advantages of branded fuel for your locations and how to choose the fuel retailer that’s right for your business.

When your gas station is branded, the name becomes easily recognized. It also encourages customers to trust your brand.

Additives are included for branded fuel supplies. Additives increase the performance and durability of engines. It may also help to reduce the level of emissions. Fuel retailers would have to pay more for branded diesel, gasoline, or petrol. Unbranded gas is a gas product that does not contain any additives. However, the products must adhere to the standard and meet the requirements set by state and federal regulatory bodies.

How do you choose a fuel retailer?

Your choice of dealing in branded or unbranded fuel is a critical one. Customers more easily identify a brand. Your brand can offer you nationwide advertising and name recognition. Your proximity to other gas stations and your location may restrict your brand choice. An unbranded station may be most affected in product shortfall because branded stations are given more priority, as stated in their contracts.

 Branded Programs for Fuel Retailers

When you brand your gas station, your business name is easily recognized, and you may earn your customers’ trust both locally and nationally.

While price, accessibility, and location are critical to your gas station’s success, branded fuel can help level up your business and increase profits. Partnering with a fuel retailer can offer programs to assist you with your convenience store operations, food management, negotiate fuel supply and delivery, site signage/image, and more.

Our Wholesale Fuel Services

Konnect General Services helps gas station retailers with the distribution, management, and procurement of wholesale fuel supply. Our high-tech software is capable of monitoring tank capability in real-time. Your inventory is managed effectively for sustainable business growth and competitive pricing. We offer you an advanced integration platform that optimizes energy, improves logistics and enhances your overall business operations.  

Gas station and convenience store owners benefit from our flexible supply contracts with superior and dependable brands. We are experts in ensuring that you get the best quality fuel that you require to sell at a competitive price. Take advantage of affordable improvement and equipment financing through our trusted lending partners.

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