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    Kevin Lapierre
    Chief Executive Officer

Kevin, brings over 30 years of extensive experience in entrepreneurial, franchisee, in-store operations, and executive operations management.  He was born in Holyoke MA and currently resides in Sugar Land TX.  His previous experience has Kevin well-traveled, also residing in Connecticut, California, Georgia, and Kansas before moving to Texas in 2002. 

After contributing his High School and College years to the restaurant industry, Kevin took an offer with Thorn America’s dba Rent-A-Center (RAC) to pursue a management career in a small up and coming company.  Over his ten years with RAC he was quickly promoted from store manager to District manager, progressing to Zone Manager, advancing to City Manager and finally to Regional Director controlling over 60 stores between Buffalo NY and Houston Texas.  During that decade he moved from MA to CT to CA to GA to KS, as a result of promotions and advancement.  He was consecutively nominated for Store Manager of the Year both years he ran his store as well as Zone Manager of the year twice. At this time, Kevin was the only upper-level manager to make a profit in CA which resulted in him advancing to Regional Director.   In 1997, he decided it was time to invest in himself and opted to leave RAC to begin his franchisee career with an Aaron’s Rental Purchase Franchise back home in MA.  Kevin’s first franchise opened in 1997 with a highly successful response, this resulted in eight additional franchise stores opening over a four-year period.  Twice his franchise was awarded the Presidents Cup for the top-performing franchise. Kevin was also elected to the Franchise Owners Board of Directors and Aaron’s Marketing committee.  In 2001 he sold that franchise and moved to Texas for a separate business opportunity.  In 2007 after spending several successful years acquiring, renovating, and operating multiple apartments complex and dozens of single-family homes, Kevin co-founded Paygo Distributors with his lifelong friend and Rent-A-Center alum David Dorwart.  Paygo Distributors is still very successful today and distributes cellular phones, residential energy, cable, internet and satellite to customers nationwide.  In 2011, Kevin and David made the decision to become their own Retail Energy Provider and launched Acacia Energy.  Acacia Energy is highly successful and currently serves tens of thousands of pre-paid customers in Texas. Since 2011, Kevin and David have remained partners and have many successful businesses including Paygo Distributors, Acacia Energy, Assist Wireless, CTC Outreach and V1 Fiber (formally JBL Fiber).  In August of 2019 that partnership continued growing with its new venture in C-Store/Gas Station Acquisitions, Operations, and Fuel Supply. 

Kevin’s proven credentials in successfully growing sales profits, building profitable franchises, and well-informed acquisitions and operations;  exhibits his capabilities of turning investments into thriving profits.